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Enter The Drippieverse™

$DripCoin Foundation
Drippies™ is a vibey collection of NFTs on Solana that combine beautiful art with a passion for community, fashion, culture, utility & education. Aiming to educate people about the Web 3.0 space and fostering a community of likeminded people. Drippies™ aims to provide long term value combining digital & physical experiences.
Enter The Drippieverse™

Where do I buy Drippies™?

How do I know which Drippies™ to buy?

In the Drippies™ ecosystem - we value beauty over rarity. Pick the Drippies™ that speaks to you. You may utilise a few tools that our team and community have built to find the most optimal/value Drippies™ to buy: How Rare Is - Custom Rarity Index - Sniping Tool - Moon Rank -​
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The Drippies™ Sales Robot

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Stay up to date with all Drippies™ Sales -​

I got my Drippies™ - now what do I do?

  • Join the Community -​
  • Verify your Drippies™ NFT to access Inner Circle channels with
  • Drown in vibes from the community and immerse yourself. Post your #DripFollowDrip Tweet and watch the magic happen.

Where can I stake my Drippies™?

You can stake your Drippies™ NFT for $DripCoin™ -​
$DripCoin Foundation

Where can I learn more about Drippies™?

Drippies™ has been in the space since December 2020 & minted on Solana 10th March 2022. It has been a wild ride since. Check out the timeline of Drippies™ here:​
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Are there any resources to help me navigate Drippies™?

What about the OG Drippies™?

Drippies™ started in December 2020 as one of the first NFT collections. We believe in cross-chain collaboration and elevating the Drippies™ project to the next level. There will be more utility in the future for holders of the OG Drippies collections. Join our Discord and verfiy yourself to get the OG Drippies Role! OpenSea: Rarible: Showtime: Time Magazine: Collectors Editions: Artists For Peace:​

5555 Unique Avatars

Each Drippies™ NFT is a unique combination of beautiful handcrafted traits and comes with full commercial IP rights for the owner. Offering a wholesome and supportive community where people can learn and grow together. Exclusive workshops from industry professionals, regular giveaways & airdrops as well as physical items offer unparalleled utility & value.

Experience & Passion

Founded in January 2021 as a passion project with roots in the creators love for designer toys, fashion & blockchain technology. Drippies™ comes with a long term vision to grow into a lifestyle brand and community driven experience offering education & value. With an expansive amount of knowledge across the whole Drippies™ Team the project is set to be a cornerstone in the Web3 and visual art industry.

Created by Florian Tappeser

As a movie industry professional who worked on acclaimed hits like Hotel Transylvania 3 & How To Train Your Dragon (Netflix Show) as well as working with top tier metaverse brands like Genies - the creator and the team bring a multitude of valuable skills to the table to ensure the long term success of the Drippieverse™ Check out our Augmented Reality Filters Below!

A Message From Our Founder!

Breaking Metaverse Boundaries

Drippies™ is all about culture, style, sustainability, creativity & inclusivity. Quality Limited Luxury Streetwear, Jewelry, Collectibles and the beautiful adventure called life! The Glowing Uniqueness that is YOU. Rethinking Identity, Tech & Ownership in the MetaVerse and beyond. A loyal, culturally aware community embracing Individual & Collective Empowerment and Self Expression while shifting the paradigm away from traditonal borders & stereotypes.
Drippies™ celebrates style - Drippies™celebrates you! Yes - Rarity is sacred, and rare is beautiful – Beautiful isn't always rare. Embrace the Norm yet go beyond. Drippies™ is you ✨
Drippies™ is a web3 Metaverse Brand aiming to change the way we navigate identity, ownership, utility & digital fashion.
We built a substantial following & traction with close to 100k followers across multiple platforms. We have a very strong core community & great relationships with influential partners.
Music Monday!

$DripCoin - empowering community & culture.

Bridging the gap between culture & Web 3.0.
  • Expanding the Drippies™ IP & Brand
  • Adding New Utility
  • Developing New Products
  • Breaking Metaverse Boundaries
  • New Verticals: Streetwear, Sports, Events, Fashion & More

Additional Information


Diverse and multidisciplinary team of experienced Web 3.0 builders around the globe. Learn more about our amazing team!
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Workshops & Events

We are offering a multidude of Digital & Physical Events and Workshops! Stay up to date here!​
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Curious what you can do with your Drippies™? Learn more about what you can do with your Drippies NFT below!
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Drippies™ Metaverse Avatars! Learn more about it below!
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DripCoin™ Foundation - Empowering culture, community & education. Learn more about it here!​
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Are you ready to use your Drippies™ in the Multiverse? Learn more about it below!
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We are building cutting edge Web 3.0 Tools! Always Free for Holders! Reach out if you want to license them for your project! Learn more below!
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Holder Map

Do you want to connect & meet up with your fellow Drippies™? We got you covered! Learn more about it below!
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Mobile App

Do you want to stay up to date with everything Drippies™ on the go? We got you covered! Learn more about it below!
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Drippies is Culture! Drippies is YOU! We got the DRIP to fuel your everday! Learn more about it below!
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Drippies Company & Foundation

Learn more about the Drippies Company & the DripCoin Foundation below!
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Drippies™ Art Toys IRL - we are doing it! Learn more about it below!
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IRL Events

Beyond the Internet! Let's meet up IRL! Learn more about it below!
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Social Media

Everything Drippieverse™ - tap in here!
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